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Red Light Therapy Marketing Training

Learn how to create an always-on, self-renewing, steady stream of clients through Google.

Price: $1495

Apply by 1/31 and get 50% off.
Pre-release price: $747.50

While I’ve been doing this for decades, this course, specifically, is brand new. I’m offering it pre-release at a 50% discount until Friday, January 31st. Your feedback as we go will help me make the course as helpful as possible for you and the entire red light therapy professional community.


How long is the training?
The training consists of 6-8 separate sessions of approximately 2 hours each. At the fastest pace (one session every other day), you would complete the training in less than two weeks.

How does the training work?
At times convenient for you, we’ll walk through everything together via video conferencing and mutual screen share.

When is payment due?
One-third is due before the first session, the fourth session and the last session.