Red Light Therapy Google Marketing Course Outline



Each session is conducted via live video conference and screen share. You will need a desktop computer and a high-speed internet connection.


Although we may not always use it all, please set aside two hours for each session.

Session 1 – Discovery

  • In-depth review of your business including your products, services, specialties and goals
  • Initial analysis of your competition

Minimum time till next session: 2 days

Session 2 – Keyword Research

  • In depth keyword research and analysis for your red light therapy services.

Minimum time till next session: 2 days

Session 3 – Baselines

Run and review baseline reports for:

  • Your Google My Business Listing
  • Your Reviews
  • Your Website (BrightLocal)
  • Your NAP Citations (BrightLocal)

Minimum time till next session: 7 days

Session 4 – Review Plan & Prepare

During the week after our third session, I will take everything we have learned into consideration and determine what needs to be done with regards to your website, your GMB listing, your reviews and your NAP citations in order to lay the foundation we will start building on.

During this session we’ll review that plan together, make any changes to it, and then get prepared for the work ahead.

That will include:

  • Setting up shared folders
  • Assuring access to your website and all necessary accounts
  • Listing tasks, assignments & deadlines
  • Preparing assets for review cards

Minimum time till next session: 2 days

Session 5 – Start Building

  • Make any necessary changes to the code and/or content of your website
  • Start creating review cards and any other material related to reviews

Session 6 – Finish Building

  • Optimize every feature of your Google My Business™ Listing
  • Start fixing any incorrect NAP citations on the web

Session 7 – Advertise

  • Set up Google Ads account and Google Local Ads account if desired.
  • Learn how to set up new campaigns, turn campaigns on and off, manage budget.

Session 8 – Systematize

  • How to monitor and manage your reviews. How to deal with bad reviews and competitor spam.
  • How to add new images with proper size and file name
  • How to create GMB™ Posts that support your ranking
  • How to answer GMB™Questions and seed questions to support your ranking
  • How to monitor and build your NAP citations across the web
  • How to run reports to monitor your progress
  • Go over daily, weekly and monthly checklists